Being the most reliable choice for you. We will pursue infinite possibilities together with you Founded in 1981, Infinite Finance has built over 40 years of good service reputation for providing various installment loans for vehicles as well as corporate financing as its main core business. Its vehicle-related services include heavy motorcycles, tour buses, vans and passenger cars, and its corporate financing businesses include construction equipment, industrial equipment and real estate leasing, thus providing customers with a reliable source of funds in an all-round way. In order to implement ESG, Infinite Finance continues to focus on the net zero transition and sustainable development issues, and invest in financing of renewable energy and the green energy industry.

With flexibility, reliability and continuity as its core values, Infinite Finance builds the bridge to achieve the ideal and lays the cornerstone for excellent achievements. We adhere to the diversified strategic thinking, the honest partnership and the pursuit of sustainable operation, provide a full range of services, and cooperate with customers to rise to challenges, create value, and pursue infinite possibilities together.